Which? on Nanoproducts

The UK consumers association publication Which?, a publication usually only sen in dentists waiting rooms and in the homes of senior citizens has issued the UK government with a ten point action plan and is is warning the Government to listen to the advice of top scientists and make understanding nanotechnologies a top priority.

Given the global kerfluffle over the safety on nanomaterials for the past ten years, one has to wonder whether the folks at Which? have been living in a hole in the ground, Saddam Hussein style or in a monastic retreat for the the last few years. In an effort to catch up, Which? seem to have simply swiped the conclusions of everyone else, downloaded a list of applications from the Woodrow Wilson folks, and presented them as something new. Cue some boilerplate histrionics…..

“Which? is concerned that in the rush to put nano-products on the market – it is estimated that there are already over 500 available to consumers – the potential health and environmental risks are not being properly addressed.”

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