With plagiarism like this we’re happy to keep out of it

Someone drew my attention to a recent press release for a report called “Nanotechnology: A Global Strategic Business Report” and suggested this seemed to be plagiarism. After taking a look I sincerely hope not! While there are certain, erm, similarities to recent reports from Cientifica and others, there are also a number of glaring errors in the press release, not least the one which predicts a compound annual growth rate of 88% causing nanotech revenues to rise from a trillion dollars in 2014 to 2.8 trillion dollars by 2015 – doh!

Other errors include

  • a listing of key players which includes a number of companies which ceased trading a few years ago, a couple that have since changed their names and several others who recently gave up their nanotech efforts to concentrate on some more immediately profitable areas
  • scrambled global funding numbers which bear no relation to reality and
  • a selection of the blindingly obvious coupled with the phrase “exponential growth” – something that always guarantees a quick drag into the trash can for business plans and market research alike.

With plagiarism like this we’re happy to keep our name off it.

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